In the past, forecasts, anomalies and analyses had to be developed entirely for any scenario. Complement your existing information landscape with Moira. A CEP based data-mining solution.
Modern enterprise content management systems have long not only been used for the general administration of heterogenic information. They can also ideally contribute to supporting automatized processing right up to monitoring complex business processes. In the age of cloud computing, the successful optimization of the Real End User Experience (RUE) is of crucial significance. On the one hand, end users expect programs to be running smoothly, regardless of time, place and device. The dependence and vulnerability of our society is constantly increasing along with the extent of digitalization and cross-linkage. On the other hand, together with increasing digitalization, the value-adding share of IT is also growing in industry. Along with the introduction of the Internet of Things, more and more data is being generated that needs to be collected, analyzed and utilized. Industrial companies are more and more becoming IT and software companies. Whoever does not join in will lag behind. Along with growing amounts of data and more advanced automatization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are finding their place in industry.

Every day, business systems generate huge amounts of data, which, however, are only in part processed and analyzed. However, by implication, this means that they cannot react early enough to undefined anomalies and events. By using sensors and cross-linked plants, companies can analyze information regarding their plants in real-time. Thus, e.g., the attrition of components can be monitored and the maintenance schedule can automatically be optimized. Predictive Maintenance can help to extend the operational lifetime of machines and to avoid unscheduled downtimes. With Moira, our intelligent complete software solution, we detect anomalies and show potential of optimization. Moira is an innovative process optimization system for the digital corporate landscape.

By means of abstraction, correlation, aggregation and pattern detection of company-wide data, Moira can implement an automatized behavioral and statistical analysis with multidimensional analysis functions. By monitoring all relevant events and anomalies, data is collected and business processes are optimized.

Sensor technology
By means of Complex Event Processing (CEP), data streams can continually be analyzed and influenced, which enables you to proactively detect attacks. Due to its sensor architecture, Moira has the unique possibility to monitor the infrastructure of a business throughout every layer, regardless of whether it is an application, virtual machine or hardware. In the process, these pieces of information can also be linked with one another.

AI goes one step further than analytics.

The last point is essential, for if gained information is not applied, it is useless. In this case, it could be compared to a report that has been filed in a drawer and has no further use. The terms big data and analytics refer to the mere gain of information, for the result of big data analytics has often been a report or statistics in a presentation. In contrast, IA focuses on the actual use of the information gained.

Operational scenarios
Moira provides a standardized software infrastructure for continuously monitoring and controlling time-sensitive processes in real-time. In particular, possible areas of application are electronic commerce, production- and manufacturing companies, the automotive industry and its suppliers, engineering, the financial sector, logistics, network supervision, airlines, public, government as well as energy management. E.g., production flows and warehousing can be monitored and optimized, or real-time analyses in vehicles can be conducted. Another scenario is the replacement of traditional ETL processes in Datawarehouse, e.g. in the inventory management of vehicle fleets. In order to ensure an effective process control, adequate applications have to be capable of continually analyzing a high amount of incoming data according to subject-specific and temporal criteria.

Moira makes the difference
Moira’s main task is the continuous extraction of information from heterogeneous data streams. In the process, events are being filtered and aggregated while the derived information is being correlated with events from other streams. Moira does not rely on traditional database technology, but on innovative algorithms, which are running in the central memory and process incoming elements incrementally. The end user formulates the necessary steps with ‘continuous’ queries. Instead of replacing other solutions, we complement your application ecosystem with our innovative solution.

Features Moira
– Enhanced correlation of log- stream- and hardware data
– Automatized detection of real behavioral patterns and definition of those which are required
– Immediate access to underlying forensic data
– General, company-specific rules
– Comprehensive pattern recognition and anomaly detection
– Sensors based on enhanced correlation
– Unparalleled usability
– Enhancement of existing monitoring solutions

– Processing an almost unlimited amount of data
– Thousands of active sensors with hundreds of thousands of events per second per entity
– Multistage cascade of entities
– Failover by means of shadowing beyond servers and racks

Monitoring & Data Mining
– Sophisticated data-mining and machine-learning methods
– Monitoring and statistics of warning messages
– Scheduling of maintenance processes and –measures to non-production times (at weekends, on holidays, at night)
– Merging highly complex data streams in real-time
– Full digitalization of the production process
– Linking the data gained by sensors with statistical methods in order to gain new information