Intelligent Data Analytics (IDA) provides solutions in the field of digitalization that link strategies with new technical possibilities.

The world of data is changing, and your company has to change with it.

We design, develop and operate innovative software and system solutions worldwide, which help our customers in a wide range of industries.

IDA's focus is on Smart Data Analytics, Industry 4.0, DataScience, Digital Transformation, Real-Time Streaming Analytics, Big Data Service Orchestration and an Academy program for Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

IDA's two major innovations are the state-of-the-art analysis framework Moira and the high-performance database tempusDB.



Data analytics

In the era of digitalization and Big Data, adapting to current conditions is a must-do for every business. IDA helps you to update the data analysis for your company to manage new challenges and optimize value-added process.

Process Optimization

IT is entering production. With an individual software solution tailored to your company, you can significantly improve your production and handling processes.


Coherent and above all sustainable and successful implementation of individually realized concepts based on  newly acquired knowledge is the backbone of our motto and work. Working with IDA, you can be sure that you will be competently supported with complete transparency when implementing the necessary changes in your company.  

«In the Internet of Things […] the real value will remain in the services processing terabytes of data behind the scenes to help people live better lives.» ¹



Regular databases are designed for generic queries. Our event-based database TempusDB brings performance in places that bring other databases to their knees.



You want all solutions in just one product? Then Moira is the right tool for your company. Find new connections, optimize processes, and save time, money and resources at the same time.

At a Frankfurt-based chemical company, IDA will significantly support the development of digitalization and automation of the production processes and will accompany the company in the long-term development of their IT service organization. We support the implementation of the digitization strategy and jointly implement new, innovative and business-oriented IT services, agile, secure and cost-effective.


IDA has extraordinary experience in the implementation of multi-layered projects in critical business environments and is looking forward to providing the Frankfurt-based company with this expertise for the upcoming projects.


Airline Industry

Financial Sector




Mechanical Engineering